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Bambin Gesù hospital

Bed and Breakfasts near Bambino Gesù Hospital

The Children's Hospital Bambino Gesù in Rome was born in 1869 thanks to a family that is open to the needs of less fortunate children, the Salviati family.
Today, the Institute for Hospitalization has a rich professional for the care of children and is the reference point for the center-south of Italy.
All operators want the improvement in the quality of care to offer children and their families with assistance from us in the highest regard for human dignity.

In this host, the Vatican Bed & Breakfast has an agreement with the Infant Jesus of Rome, for the stay of families who care for their children.
The agreement is valid for stays of at least one week during the low season.
The B & B Rome is about 500 meters away from the hospital and takes 10 minutes to get there on foot to the following requirements:

From 'hotel near the hospital Child Jesus who is in Via Dei Cavalry, 6

    get to the pedestrian underpass in front of the tunnel of San Pietro
take the underpass and go to the elevators
move to the first floor and exit the terminal of the Janiculum, follow the curve uphill and you have arrived to the hospital.

From The Child Jesus

    follow the road downhill for about 100 meters and enter the parking garage
look for the elevator (NOT THE FIRST TWO elevators at the entrance of the parking lot, but the ones in the back parking lot going through it from the left side) and move to the zero plane
look for the exit for Largo Porta Cavalry and not the first for San Pietro, from Largo Porta Cavalry take the first left and you're there.

Why choose a hotel if you can comfortably sleep in a B & B close to the 'Hospital of the Child Jesus?

The Vatican Bed and Breakfast is located in the center of Rome near the Basilica of St. Peter's and in a quiet and reserved the Vatican.
Bars and restaurants are just around the corner tour of the Palace is 100 meters away on the way to St. Peter's.

All guestrooms are equipped with bathroom, air conditioning and TV;

if necessary, you can take the family room with a bunk bed.

if you want to stay in a Bed & Breakfast as a hotel near the Hospital Bambino Gesu book now at the Vatican, the owner will be happy to provide information about room availability and prices.