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Monuments Circo Massimo

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The Circus Maximus was an ancient circus shows in Rome. Along 621 m and width 118 could accommodate 150,000 spectators.
Situated in the valley between the Palatine and Aventine, is remembered as the site of games since the beginning of the history of the city in the valley would have happened the legendary episode of the rape of the Sabines, on the occasion of the games organized by Romulus in honor of the god Consus.
The circus was used for racing until the last few races organized by Totila in 549 AD.
The arena was originally surrounded by a Euripos (channel) almost 3 m wide, later removed to add more seats.

In the arena, were held chariot races, with twelve chariots (four-horse chariot) who made seven laps around the central spine between the two destinations. The plug was richly decorated with statues, shrines and temples, and there were seven ova and seven dolphins from which water flowed, used to count the laps of the race.

The twelve carceres, the starting structure that was on the short side straight towards the Tiber, arranged obliquely to allow alignment of the start, were equipped with a mechanism that allowed the simultaneous opening.

Today the Circus Maximus is home to concerts organized by the Municipality of Rome and is visited by many tourists.