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Monuments Fontana di trevi

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Trevi Fountain
It 's the most famous fountain in Rome, designed by architect Salvi in 1735 under Pope Clement XII. And 'one of the most beautiful fountains in the world. The building serves as background to the fountain of the Dukes of Poli.
The theme is the sea: there is represented a shell-shaped chariot pulled by sea horses that are preceded by newts, from the large statue of Oceanus by Pietro Bracci, flanked by the statues in the niches side's Health and Abundance, both Philip Della Valle. The fountain, so elaborate, is a perfect example of the fusion of sculpture and Baroque architecture. Thousands of people every day come to work to be able to throw a coin into the tank, which according to legend, tourists are guaranteed to return to Rome in his life. The movie "The sweet life" by Federico Fellini has contributed to enrich the world fame of this fountain.