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Monuments quirinal palace

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Palazzo del Quirinale

It was built in Piazza del Quirinale in 1584 by Pope Gregory XIII.
E 'of considerable size, recently renovated overlooking the center of Rome, but does not present an architectural structure of exceptional value in spite of the great artists. Of interest is the portal in the façade (1615) by Carlo Maderno dominated by the Benediction Loggia (1638), by Bernini. Inside is a large courtyard at the end of which stands the high clock tower with the flag up. The large, numerous rooms are decorated with remarkable frescoes by various authors. Interestingly, in particular, is the chapel of the Annunciation with frescoes by Guido Reni. Imposing the garden of the early eighteenth century with the singular Organ fountain. The palace was inhabited by the popes, and after 1870 the building became the official residence of the Italian Royal, and then in 1947 the President of the Republic. The interior of the palace and the gardens are visible only in certain circumstances for safety reasons.